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  • 04:09:35 pm on June 17, 2009 | reply | 3

    Since I was unable to convince Anni to wait to marry when we have time to make plans or to even have a ceremony, I now have a plan. She and Mike will be married at the county courthouse on June 30th. It is a Tuesday which is hard for traveling or even partying since most people work. So, on the July 4th weekend we will be celebrating with a big cookout. We will be happy have anyone who wants to come. We will have good food, fun, and a chance to congratulate the bride and groom.



  • brian 8:16 pm on June 21, 2009 | #

    Wendy and I went through something similar. We wanted our wedding to be on May 9th (which was our anniversary of dating, so it would’ve made a good wedding anniversary) but we also wanted Greg to be the best man, and he wasn’t supposed to get back from Iraq until July. So we decided to wait until September to play it safe. Originally we liked September 15th as a wedding date, but we were planning on having the wedding in State College, PA (i.e. Penn State) and that day was a football home game. Instead, we chose September 29th. Unfortunately, Greg’s tour was extended another 3 months (in April), so he didn’t get home until Oct 4th. Still, it turned out to be a nice day for a wedding.

  • janet 4:15 pm on June 26, 2009 | #

    Congratulations to you all! Katie and I will be driving back from Appalachia, only returning late on July 4, so we’ll have to send our good wishes remotely. I hope you have a happy occasion and good weather for the cookout!

  • wendy 1:40 am on June 29, 2009 | #

    I think the cookout is a great idea. I know that I could have done without some of the planned parts of our reception like the cake cutting and bouquet toss; we just wanted everyone to get together to eat and have fun! I’m sorry we can’t be there either- we hope you all have a great time. Congratulations to the happy couple!

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