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  • 01:39:58 pm on November 26, 2008 | reply | 5

    Trying to get on this blog, finally!
    I just got a new laptop from our school and we just got wireless internet connection for our house.



  • mary 12:04 am on November 27, 2008 | #

    Isn’t wireless wonderful?
    What are you guys doing for Thanksgiving?
    When we move we will be just anput on the middle of everybody.
    How do you feel about country Christmases? We are missing the Christmas parade up there this weekend; it’s mostly beauty queens and tractors.

  • suzie 12:20 am on November 27, 2008 | #

    Yes, wireless is great!! I can sit in my comfortable chair and get my work done at the same time.
    We are staying here for Thanksgiving and Hannah and baby Ava are coming over as well as Kevin and his girlfriend, Ashley.
    Country Christmases sounds great to me! I would absolutely love it if all of us could be together at Christmas sometime in the future. When do you think you guys will get to move to Wytheville? Doesn’t a parade of beauty queens and tractors sound like a dream come true?
    Are you all going to Virginia during the Christmas season this year? We ‘re leaving to head there on the 22nd of December and staying until after Skyla’s baptism on the 28th. Will we get to see you all?

  • Kathryn 2:34 pm on November 27, 2008 | #

    I didn’t even know that you were moving, Aunt Mary. The tractors part of the parade is basically all we see around here. Then again, you don’t have to go to the parade to see a bunch of tractors. I don’t think there isn’t a day that goes by, that someone mentions farming or tractors.

  • brian 10:58 pm on November 27, 2008 | #

    Hi Suzie! Wendy and I will be in Norfolk / Hampton Roads on Christmas. Hopefully we can come see you all. Of course, we’ll be up in MD on the 28th for Skyla’s baptism too, so we’ll definitely see you then.

  • suzie 10:17 pm on November 28, 2008 | #

    Hey Bri! I’m so glad to hear that you and Wendy will be on the East Coast during the Christmas season. I know it would mean the world to Grandpa if he could see you guys there in Newport News as well as up in Maryland.

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