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  • 03:28:56 pm on August 26, 2008 | reply | 10

    Our sweet kitty Casey is in the hospital today for tests. She has a cancerous tumor and we are finding out if there is anything we can do for it. 🙁



  • anni 11:33 am on August 27, 2008 | #

    That’s no good. I need to take my cat Morgie to the vet because she keeps puking and she has orange urine. But that’s probably not as bad as a cancerous tumor. 🙁

  • wendy 1:48 pm on August 27, 2008 | #

    From my experience of working in vets for the past several years, I would say don’t wait very long before you take her in (sounds like blood in the urine, and vomiting can be a sign of many things), but it’s probably treatable. I hope she feels better quickly!

  • anni 11:37 am on August 31, 2008 | #

    So do you know if there’s anything you can do for your cat yet?

  • wendy 12:19 pm on August 31, 2008 | #

    Yeah, unfortunately there isn’t. We have her on pain meds and they said we’re probably going to have to put her to sleep within weeks. It’s really hard- she’s perfectly normal and healthy other than this tumor, but they can’t stop the cancer so we can’t do anything. I’m having a hard time with it. 🙁

  • anni 4:07 pm on August 31, 2008 | #

    Oh I’m so sorry. I had a cat with leukemia once, and that was awful. Where is the tumor? I hope you can keep her comfortable until she has to go. 🙁

  • janet 9:43 pm on August 31, 2008 | #

    I’m so sorry about Casey. She has had a good long life, but it still must be hard to let her go. With all the medical problems she has had, she has had her nine lives, thanks to you.

  • wendy 1:04 am on September 1, 2008 | #

    Thank you both. It is very difficult, even though she is 16, since her body is not failing her at all otherwise and she seems like a happy healthy kitty.
    Anni- the tumor is in her “private” area, and is going to grow and cut off her ability to urinate, which will be painful and an emergency so we have to let her go before that happens. She is on some good pain meds right now and seems to be feeling ok, and I am feeding her all sorts of great foods that she wasn’t supposed to have before, so at least i know she’s enjoying that.

  • kathryn 5:18 pm on September 2, 2008 | #

    Thats so sweet!! I am sorry about Casey. I know I would be torn up if Molly had to be put to sleep. But it sounds like your cat is enjoying the luxury of sweet foods!!! Good luck to the both of you!!

  • mary 10:18 pm on September 14, 2008 | #

    I am so sorry. we have lost so many of our beloved pets over the years and it is never easy even when my 18 year old B.W. cat died lying in the rocking chair on the front porch. I hope we meet all our pets on the other side. The reception committee is getting quite large! My thoughts are with you

  • wendy 7:13 pm on October 5, 2008 | #

    Thank you

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