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  • 10:49:37 pm on August 19, 2008 | reply | 3

    Hey does anybody know if Grandpa got a new computer yet? I heard he might get one.



  • brian 12:14 pm on August 20, 2008 | #

    I heard the same thing but I don’t know if he got one yet. It would be cool to chat with him here, but I can understand why he might be hesitant to give up that sweet e-mail concierge service (ala Blake 🙂

  • kathryn 12:44 pm on August 20, 2008 | #


  • aubrey 4:06 pm on September 14, 2008 | #

    hey guys i guess i better anwser the question he doesnt have one yet and i havent heard anything about him getting one, but i think right now he is doing alot of shooting and stuff to keep himself occupied. 😀

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