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  • 02:08:18 am on August 12, 2008 | reply | 7

    Hollie hurt her leg last week playing fetch. She doesn’t know how to do less than 100% when it comes to chasing the ball. Wendy took her to the vet and they put her on some kind of anti-inflammatory thing. She was doing a pitiful limping thing for a while but she’s all better now (and ready to do something dumb all over again).



  • anni 9:16 am on August 12, 2008 | #

    Your dog can play fetch? My dogs are too stupid to figure out that game. Plus Hudson is scared of balls, sticks, anything that moves . . .

  • brian 2:06 pm on August 12, 2008 | #

    I’ll admit to being a little proud. I don’t think she is a retriever by breed (I have no idea what breed she is), but I made a game of her retrieving from a very early age and it seems to have stuck.

    Here she is going crazy to chase the ball back in February:

  • anni 3:19 pm on August 12, 2008 | #

    Awww she is so cute! She looks so dapper.

  • wendy 4:48 pm on August 12, 2008 | #

    Casey hurt herself too- I went to the vet 3 times last week between both of them. And there was the issue of yellow-jackets getting into the house, which was related to some of the vet stuff… This week is going much better so far, cat and dog are behaving themselves while I study.

  • janet 9:59 am on August 14, 2008 | #

    Hollie looks so cute in the videa. Wow, the beauty of a fenced yard–when we’ve tried to teach Charlie to fetch, he’s taken advantage of the freedom to go check out the woods and the neighborhood, so not much teaching has happened. Now, you’ve inspired me, and I’ll try again, but with doggie treats in my pocket, just for insurance.

  • aubrey 8:39 pm on August 15, 2008 | #

    awww she reminds me of buddy if she wants the ball cuz he thinks if he sits that we will give the ball to him, haha

  • kathryn 10:56 pm on August 19, 2008 | #

    huh. your lucky that your dog at least gives the ball back. Molly’s idea of fetching and retrieving is me throwing the ball. Coming over to me and then making me think she is giving it back. Actually, she runs off after we play tug a war.

    She always wins.

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